Wellcome to free z’be

Free z’be is an independent, flexible and responsive structure that offers a wide range
of services. Our publishing team and graphic artists work together with transversal
know-how coupled with a strong sense of creativity. This allows us to work with any
project and satisfy to our clients’ every need.
We choose the form of an association because it allows us all to participate
actively in the life of our structure, thus giving us the possibility to work in a more
dynamic and particularly effective way.
Our know-how includes editing, layout, proofreading, translation, creating visual identity,
conception and website design and the creation of all types of printed and multimedia communication.

Publishing - Web - Print - Translation

Adaptations - Translations - Creations
• The creation of a graphic envirmonemt for all formats.
• Translation and adaptation of foreign works, including French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.
• Layout, editing and proofreading.
Web design - Creation and Management of Internet Sites
• Website creation, graphics, database management, e-commerce.
• Concept and graphic project.
• Animation, banners.
Graphics - print
• Visual identity creation. Logos, flyers, pamphlets, business cards…
All formats
Coffee-table books, Magazines, Guides, Technical Sheets, Booklets, Dictionaries, Multimedia (internet)…
Prepublication Process
Concept, writing, layout, revisions, translation.
All type of projects
Popularization, Mass marketing, encyclopedic, academic…
Various domains
Cuisine, young readers, atlases, travel, sports, history, novels, current events…

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